Take action from actionable data

Learn About InSite in Two Minutes

Learn about how InSite helps CMs to run, grow and build your Jive site. Our video will explain our capabilities to extract Jive for Analytics, creating campaigns, and injecting data back into Jive.

Not just analytics

InSite is all about “taking action from actionable data”. Tired of running a CMR report, downloading a CSV, then trying to communicate with those Users without a bunch of copying and pasting? InSite provides you with the actionable data – filtered and sorted the way you want it – and gives you the tools to act on that data. How many users joined the site in the last 7 days? Got it. Now I want to send them all a Welcome Direct Message. That’s what InSite does – all within the same application – using Jive data that is as fresh as this morning.

Two-way communication with Jive

InSite provides the ability to send Direct Messages to User Sets within Jive across almost any horizontal criteria you choose. We also provide you with sample communication templates and custom Jive Tiles for displaying InSite data back inside of Jive – so you can provide your management team with timely and accurate metrics about the health and activity of your Jive site – inside of Jive. All with application security that exceeds industry standards.

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