411Labs Sherpa’s core features

The second generation of our flagship product offers new functionality that makes it a lot more powerful

Unlimited Data Sources

Sherpa integrates with most leading enterprise social collaboration tools and provide an easy way to combine data across multiple data sources. Our extensive frameworks also allows retrieving data from various other data sources, such as web pages, databases, files and more


Once you retrieved your data, you can automate its processing, generating reports and acting upon this data. You can easily build your own sophisticated onboarding process or use existing Sherpa’s templates available from 411Labs Marketplace.


Our easily customizable dashboards and widgets will allow you to visualize the data on multiple levels easily understandable for both the community managers and the top level management. Using these tools you can easily pinpoint the pain points of your organization and amplify the collective ingenuity  of your workforce.


About 411Labs

411Labs was formed in 2016 by a team of people with extensive understanding of enterprise communities pains and gains. We are Community Managers and we know what your life is like on a day-to-day basis.  We built Sherpa so that you could grow your communities and expand its usefulness for the company with ease.

Fortune 2000 clients
Billion datapoints
Tolerance Security

What 411Labs can do for you?


Put your community statistics at your fingertips by designing custom interactive dashboards visualizing the key metrics important to you.


Integrate data across all your communities, data sources, feeds and more. If your community is not in our portfolio, then we will build new connectors for it

Give you insites

We can give you insites about what’s happening in your community, which topics and groups are hot and which need additional boost.


Our extensive experience with multinational corporations allows us to offer tools showing the dynamics on global scale, across countries and continents


Ever needed to get all your community data and move to a new platform? Sherpa can do this for you, even when the source and target are barely similar.


Provide you with the powerful tools to easily present the dynamics in the community and its value to all levels of your company management.


Why our clients love us?

Ton of reasons, actually, but here are a few …

We’ve shown them the data they couldn’t get from their stock community reports
We’ve helped them to understand the community value and amplify it
We saved them money by helping to do the same community management work on a smaller budget

Our clients