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What's in our secret sauce?

We are CMs, so we understand what your life is like everyday. You know what to do to improve your Jive site's engagement, activity and number of users - InSite provides the how. InSite gives you direct ways to:
1. Communicate with horizontal slices of your site - across all Places.
2. Invite all the personnel associated with a particular project, initiative or office at once, so you greatly increase the odds of them hitting the ground running with their new community. It's all about the use case, baby!
3. Measure your success. Once you run a campaign or intervention, see if it worked. Be able to see which campaigns had higher return than others. Let management know how you are doing.
4. Prevent you from becoming a victim of your own success. Grow your community users, engagement and activity - without growing your budget, your staff or or working 80 hours a week. Management will LOVE that!

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We know your recipe - and help you make it

We know what you as a Community Manager put it your recipe for success on your Jive site - because we are CMs:

    AMAZING on-boarding of new users
    Ongoing ENCOURAGEMENT, RECOGNITION AND REWARDING of good behavior by your users
    SUPPORT YOUR MAVENS in your community
    ENLIST the aid of EXECUTIVES
    MEASURE what works - and what doesn't
We don't do the work for you, but InSite let's you implement your wishes. We give feet to your prayers. :) ...

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Learn more about InSite

If you are interested in learning more about InSite please download our product brochure to the left, Or complete the form at the bottom of this page to have one of our product champions contact you, or schedule a demo. We love talking about InSite and want to make sure we get all your questions answered.

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