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While InSite is our primary focus, we know that sometimes you need something extra, something specific to you. We have deep technical experience with Jive and Jive integrations. If you need additional services that are Jive or InSite focused we have the bench strength to help you create what you need.

From building connectors to other analytics platforms to assisting with conversions from your existing platform over to Jive - our consulting staff can help you get the development done that you need to take an 80% solution to a 100% solution. Complete the form below to have one of our consultants connect with you and understand more about your needs.

Partnership Program Questions

1How is the 411 Labs InSite Partnership Program organized?
Our Partnership Program is divided into two paths, per lead; the Referral Program and the Resale Program. The FAQs below provide more details about each program.
2Do I have to choose the Referral Program or the Resale Program? Can I do both?
You select the program at the lead level. So you may choose to run your first lead through the Referral Program and your second lead through the resale program, and then because of staffing concerns run a later lead through the referral program again.
3How do I get more information about becoming a 411 Labs partner?
Complete the partner information form below, or send an email to
4How do I become a 411 Labs partner?
Once you are selected to be a 411 Labs partner, complete and sign the 411 Labs Partnership Agreement.
5How do I register a new lead?
Click on the “Register a new Lead” on the left of this page. Complete the form (including your choice about this lead being logged as a referral or resale lead, and hit Submit. That’s all there is to it.
6How can I become an411 Labs partner?
Our main criteria for partners is experience with Jive, current clients of yours who are Jive installs, or your involvement in active Jive sales processes.
7When are commissions earned?
Commissions are earned when the prospect has paid their annual subscription fee.

Implementation Configuration Questions

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Partner Support Questions

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