InSite – Known Issues

InSite Known Issues Log – Last updated 01112016

As of 01112016 there are no Known Issues for InSite version 0.7.15.

Item or Case #: Description Work-around Expected to be fixed in V:

Only the Clone and Delete icons are appearing at the end of a row of the All Templates table view.

There needs to be an Edit icon so a user can view the filters that are configured for a Dynamic User Set and/or display the Filter settings in the Template row in the All User Sets table view.

For now, you can clone the template and enter you edits in the copy. Once you have saved the copy, you may then choose to delete the original, if you would like. Resolved in v 0.7.14

InSite does not display data rows in any iOS browser.

The site launches and users can log in, and all menus and and other CSS and table headers display properly – but no data rows in any screen display.

Behavior seen is the same for both Safari, Chrome, an the new FireFox for iPad on iPhone and iPad.

None.  Resolved in v 0.7.14