InSite Product Roadmap – as of 04102016


Item: Title: Description: Planned Version: Planned Release Date: Actual Release Date
1 Pulls from Additional Jive data sources Adding Jive’s Data Export Service, and the Jive WebHooks Service as data sources pulled into InSite during a Data Pull. 0.9.0 1Q16 1Q17
2a Custom Views (CVs) v1 Ability to create Custom Views and Save them 0.8.0 1Q16 1Q17
2b CVs v2 Ability to use CVs to create Charts and Graphs from CVs and save them to InSite Dashboards, schedule them to run periodically, route them to a distribution list via email, or 0.8.1 4Q15
2c CVs v3 Ability to create CVs with more than one data source (Joins) and 0.8.2 4Q15 1Q17
2d CVs v4 Ability to display the tables or a report, chart, or graph – in a Custom Tile inside your Jive instance. 0.8.3 4Q15
3 Relative Date Picks Where columns refer to dates, allow user to pick relative dates – Last week, Last Month Last year, Year-to-date, -7 days ago, +30 days in the future, etc.  These should also be saved as part of the Dynamic User Set.     1Q17
 5 Data Pull Progress Bar Add a progress bar showing the InSite user the percentage progress with a time estimate until the data pull is complete.  0.9.1  1Q16
 6 InSite User Roles & Permissions Addition of Roles functionality within InSite, with certain functions (e.g. Collective Edit Start and InSite User Password Reset) reserved for access by the InSite designated Administrator only.  0.9.2  1Q16 3Q16
 7 General UI Improvements Adding horizontal scroll bar at bottom of page that persists.
Move “Actions” column to the far left and “Freeze” it.
 0.9.2 1Q16
 8 @Mentions Support for @Mentions in Templates
 9 Chained Campaigns Ability to link Campaigns to run sequentially and schedule them to run autonomously and periodically.  0.11.0  1Q16
 10 Trigger Campaigns Ability to setup and launch campaigns that will launch automatically when a defined database trigger event is met.
11 CAPS Pattern Content scan Ability to scan content in the InSite data pull for specific data patterns such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs) or Credit Card Numbers (CC#s).  The scan will then alert designated staff with DM or Moderation alert inside the Jive instance with an explanation for the alert and a link to the triggering item.
 12 Ad Hoc User Sets Allow Filtering then “Gathering” a subset of the filter into a new User Set.  For Instance, “C” Level executives, etc.
 13 Invite Campaigns Turn on Invite Campaigns
 14 Static User Sets Turn on Static User Sets
 15 Sample data sets Allow “Shipping” Product with sample database entries for Templates, DUS’, CVs, Dashboards, etc.
16 Saved User Views Keep last Sort and Filter on any page a User leaves – so when they come back to it – the last sort/filter is still active.
 17  Clear All Filters Add a Clear All Filters pick to allow a user to reset the screen quickly.
 18 Load existing DUS Allow a user to load an existing User Set into the DataTable view for further working or Exporting, etc.
 19 Save incomplete Campaign Allow a user to start a new campaign, but allow them to save it anywhere in the process – even if they have not selected/created a Template or DUS yet.
20 Add “Join” DUS’ Add the ability to create “Join” tables.  Such as a DUS for Creators of Content that hasn’t been accessed in a year – where the DM to a creator lists all of their created content that hasn’t been accessed in a year – with only one DM – listing all their content that meet the criteria – going to each creator.
21 MyInSite View Allow Places and/or Users to be assigned to a CM, so they only see a MyInSite view of the Jive Site – Their Campaigns, Places, etc.  This would also allow a “Show Me Everything” view so I could create a copy of a fellow CM’s Template for instance.
 22 Campaign Success Measurement A little difficult, but the idea is that Campaigns have a “Call to Action” in them – for instance asking all the recipients to join a particular Group.  This feature will allow CMs to measure how many of the Campaign recipients actually executed on the desired “Call to Action”.
 23 Import CSVs This is only valid for Invites to the Community Campaigns.
24 Improvements to Merge Field Insert Add multiple buttons to select Merge fields.  They should be Jive User, CM, Approver, Content, Places.
 25 Other UI Changes Allow tabbing and enter key for navigation – for instance on the logon screen.
 26 Sticky Column Labels Allow users to turn on “Sticky” column labels, so they can always see what DB field a particular column represents.
 27 Allow Jive Site Logo display in InSite header Ability to “brand” an InSite instance.  Allow the Jive site branding icon to be displayed next to the 411 or InSite logos.
28 Jive Avatars not displaying in Chrome Jive Avatars do not display in the column, even when logged onto the Jive Site in Chrome as well.  This is not an issue in FireFox and IE. 1Q17