InSite Version 0.7.15 is in Production!

InSite for Jive v0.7.15 has been deployed!

411Labs is pleased to let you know that InSite version 0.7.15 has now been deployed to our Production systems.  This release includes many changes both large and small, so please look over the detailed list below to see what we’ve done.

InSite 0.7.15 Dashboard ScreenshotA new Cleaner User Interface:

  • The UI has been updated to make it more clean and current.  The orange bar is gone – both to save space (display more data above the fold) and it just looks better. The links for things like Logout and Fullscreen Mode from the old orange bar are now in the Settings menu. (figure 1 on the screen shot)
  • The UI also now works and looks better on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Other UI and Functionality changes:

  • Added the Campaign Approver fields to the Direct Message available Merge Fields in Templates.
  • Added Campaigns Logs view to allow you to see where a started Campaign was at any point in the process.  See the the new Log icon from the Action column in the All Campaigns view for Started Campaigns.
  • Added a Disapproval Notes column to the All Campaigns list view.
  • The All Campaigns list view now sorts by update date by default.
  • A maintenance screen will now be displayed during InSite maintenance operations.
  • Active Jive users statistics to the dashboard in the top-right corner of the Dashboard screen
  • Extended the Jive user base and content statistics in the Dashboard screen to cover 12 months (top-right corner).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where the Jive data pull would stop randomly.
  • Fixed bug where InSite was incorrectly displaying changes in the 4 mini charts on the top-right corner)of the Dashboard. (Figure 2 on the screen shot)
  • Fixed bug where out-of-date information about the last user logins was being displayed.
  • Fixed support for boolean field value “Any” in the Dynamic User Sets builder.
  • Fixed bug related to preview count not being updated correctly in the New Dynamic User Sets Preview under certain circumstances.

Invisible improvements:

  • Our deployment process is now more streamlined and won’t disrupt the performance of existing InSite instances.
  • The long-loading data queries that were pre-cached to improve user response times were being wiped during a new release deployment.  They are now preserved during new-release deployment, improving response times for users viewing data for the first time after a new release.
  • Old system logs are now archived during deployment.
  • Email-Only and DM Campaigns have been speeded up through parallel processing. Emails and DMs are now sent 10 at a time instead of one-by-one (this will become a configurable parameter in Settings in future releases).
  • Extended system logging (only visible to support currently).
  • We added a staging environment and overhauled our new release process to improve released code quality by automating our testing.

As always, please send any bugs you find (there should be far fewer:)!), or changes and questions to us via a new case in InSite Settings.

Thank you for your continued support,

The InSite Development Team