InSite Version 0.7.19 is in Production!

InSite for Jive v0.7.19 has been deployed!

411Labs is pleased to let you know that InSite version 0.7.19 has now been deployed to our Production systems.  This release includes many changes both large and small, so please look over the detailed list below to see what we’ve done.

Back-end Improvements:

  • Migrated the system to Docker. Docker installations provide better security and system portability.  GThis will enable on-prem installation of InSite (coming soon)
  • Upgraded all system major components
  • Migrated InSite to the new custom-built server hosted with a new provider

  • Improved campaign reliability

  • Improved handling of slow queries, now shows “Loading/Processing” windows and messages

  • Improved Content filtering and sorting performance

User Interface/Functionality Improvements:

  • Added support for Manager’s Email field in the Jive Users table view

  • Pagination in large tables now allows up to 1000 rows on one page (do not use this option on slow, overloaded or computers with less than 8 GB or RAM)

  • By default deactivated users are hidden in the user base chart on the Dashboard

  • Provided additional campaign logging (see Actions column with new icon available after Campaign is started)

Bug Fixes/Corrections:

  • Fixed issues with data export (CSV/JSON)

  • Fixed bug with certain Content types not being filtered correctly

  • Fixed bug related to incorrect cache cleanup behavior


  • Fixed the bugs related to campaigns stuck in “Starting” state

  • Fixed issue with certain large pages of data (100 records with complex search and filtering)

As always, please send any bugs you find (there should be far fewer:)!), or changes and questions to us via a new case in InSite Settings.

Thank you for your continued support,

The InSite Development Team