InSite Version 0.7.21 is in Production!

InSite for Jive v0.7.21 has been deployed to your Production Instances!

411Labs is pleased to let you know that InSite version 0.7.21 has now been deployed to our Production systems.  There are lots of bug fixes and new functionality in this release:



  • Fixed bug related to incorrect Jive Invites data pull under certain circumstances.
  • After clearing your browser, cache the page is now forced to reload to make sure updated data is displayed immediately after cache clearing.
  • Improved data pull reliability (added workaround for situation when Jive server hangs during pull).
  • Fixed bug with updating dynamic user set counters, now being recalculated properly after data pull.
  • Fixed bug where incorrect font type would be shown in error messages.
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect source IP recording for the last login attempts under certain circumstances.



  • Improved InSite instance provisioning procedure.
  • Improved the search/filtering functionality. The new algorithm supports searching in complex data types.
  • New bug reporting tool embedded into the main menu.  Go to Help/Report a Bug.  New email for reporting a bug as well – please use:
  • The login button had been made default as well as the latest login attempts window “Close” button. Now you can login by entering login and password and hitting Enter button twice – instead of having to click on the button with your mouse or trackpad.
  • Number of Campaign participants (affected users) is now shown on the campaigns list page.
  • New approach to unavailable actions in the lists of templates, campaigns etc. Now instead of hiding the unavailable actions, the disabled icon is displayed. Hover over the icon to see explanation why the action is not available.
  • Last, but not least: User roles and permissions are now supported. See InSite documentation for the complete list of Permissions and Roles. User roles can be selected in the user editing interface. Unavailable activities are now hidden from the users.

Please let us know if you detect any problems or bugs with this version, and thanks again for your support of InSite.

Thank you,
The InSite Development Team