Insite Version Release Notes

v 0.9.1 – Released 12/28/2018

Issue Number Bug Fixes, Changes, and New Functionality
1 Fixed bug where MongoDB would run out of RAM.
2 Improved frontend (browser) performance.
3 Fixed a bug in 0.8.8 where DES stopped working for some clients.
4 Fixed a bug where CV Export file crashes.

v 0.9.0 – Released 12/24/2018

Issue Number Bug Fixes, Changes, and New Functionality
1 Improved memory allocation during pull of secondary Content (Followers, Following, etc.).
2 Fixed a bug where InSite would crash for certain customers when Content IDs were loaded into memory.
3 Fixed bug where the Contains filter on Jive Comments returned incorrect rows.
4 Fixed a bug where the version number of InSite was not displaying properly.
5 Fixed a bug where Console logging ws not working with our ELK configuration.
6 Updated the way data reparsing is run so that it runs only once – after the DES data has finished downloading.
7 Added Parent Place Id and Parent Place Name in Content.  These fields can be added from Add/Remove Columns button on Content.
8 Fixed a bug where some customer’s instances were crashing on Contents views.
9 Fixed a bug where CV were not handling certain exceptions gracefully.
10 Created a new CV to our published library of CVs: “Content with no activity in X time”
11 Removed our translation of DES activities into plain English because it was confusing for many users to have it different than the documented DES layout referenced in the Jive DES documentation.  As an example, we used to reference the deletion of a blog as “Delete Blog”.  We now reference it as Jive does: “ACTIVITY_DELETE_BLOG”.
12 Fixed a configuration error in our ELK logging system.
13 Fixed a bug where large client databases were running out of RAM due to the size of indexes.
14 Added Jive Security Permission Groups to the objects covered by the “Gap Filler” algorithm and displayed in the System>Settings>Configure Data Pull .
15 Complete configuration and deployment of our ELK logging subsystem.
16 Fixed bug where filtering on certain Errors in datatables failed.
17 Fixed a bug where new Followers and Likes applied to Users for Contents were not being picked up on the following night’s data pull.
18 Updated the way the Run-As flag works and is displayed in the Admin Console under System>Settings>Campaign Approver.
19 Fixed a bug where the Stage Trigger (ability to turn a Stage on or off temporarily in a CV) icon was not rendering in FireFox.
20 Fixed a bug where certain customers were not able to log into InSite after the 0.8.8 upgrade.
21 Fixed a bug where a change to the “Logout after this many minutes of inactivity:” setting in System>Settings>Security was not working properly.
22 Removed unnecessary indexes to improve overall system performance.
23 Updated configuration of UpTime Robot to properly alert us to down systems while greatly reducing the false positive alerts we have been getting.
24 Updated the layout of the last pull results section of the System>Settings>Configure Data Pull to be in a table format and color coded the outcomes to immediately display errors and delayed pulls to the user.
25 Started to surface actual Content in InSite, instead of just metadata, beginning with Jive Comments.   This gives you the ability to, among other things, search for Questions in Comments by searching (Filtering) for “?” in the actual text of the Comment.
26 We now pull all Outcomes data from Contents.  This is now available in both the datatables and in CVs.
27 Started to surface actual Content in InSite, instead of just metadata, beginning with Jive Messages (what Comments in Groups are called). This gives you the ability to, among other things, search for Questions in Messages by searching (Filtering) for “?” in the actual text of the Comment.
28 For customers who are using SSO to log into their Jive instance we now have the ability to ren DM Campaigns utilizing the “Run-As” Jive Property.
29 Fixed a bug where data that was rendering properly in the CV Reports view but some data would render as [object Object] in an export file.
30 Fixed a bug where some customers experienced missing DES data and recovered the missing data from jive, where available.
31 Updated the library used for CV Copy/Paste functionality to use much less space in the actual text used for the copy/paste data..

v 0.8.9 – Released 11/24/2018

Issue Number Bug Fixes, Changes, and New Functionality
1 Fixed bug where MongoDB would run out of RAM.
2 Improved frontend (browser) performance.
3 Fixed a bug in 0.8.8 where DES stopped working for some clients.
4 Fixed a bug where CV Export file crashes.

v 0.8.8 – Released 11/10/2018

Issue Number Bug Fixes
1 Fixed a bug where filtering on the DES Timestamp field was not functioning properly.
2 Fixed a bug where the ZAP security vulnerability scan software was reporting false positives for certain vulnerabilities.
3 Fixed a bug where there was a discrepancy between the number of Content pieces in a Place reported on Jive and the number of pieces of Content for a Place reported by InSite.
4 Fixed a bug where clicking on the link in the Approver DM at Campaign start would generate a “CSC013: unable to find the campaign” error.
5 Fixed a bug where duplicate unique identifiers could be created in some Jive data tables, which could corrupt indexes.
6 Fixed a bug where nightly data pulls behaved unreliably on occasion.
7 Fixed a bug where CSV export files generated from Jive Content generated, but the Author and URL fields had no data.
8 Fixed a bug where during the CV Copy/Paste process InSite would throw errors during the Paste part of the process.
9 Fixed a bug where a previous version of the code prevented users from successfully logging in to InSite.
10 Fixed a bug where the InSite User’s IP address reported on successful login was incorrect.
11 Fixed a bug where clicking on the System>Users and Permissions>Roles menu pick did not function.
12 Fixed a bug where the CSV Export file was displaying “undefined” in report cells that were displaying as blank in InSite.
13 Fixed a bug where the Copy/Paste CV button is greyed out of the CV is taking too long to compute.
14 Fixed a bug to correct the functionality of the TDE (Tableau) export format and migrated to the new Tableau HYPER format.
15 Fixed a bug where initial performance on first login after the completion of a nightly pull was very slow.
16 Fixed bug where selecting “Link to Jive HTML” in the Presentation Stage of a CV did not function.
17 Fixed a bug where using the “Does not contain” filter on a field would throw errors.
18 Fixed a bug where an InSite admin could not edit an InSite User’s record – such as first and last name.
19 Fixed a big where the count of Members on the list of CVs does not match the number of Members in the CV results page.
20 Fixed bug where record counts at the bottom left of the screen was displaying an incorrect number of records.
21 Fixed a bug where a new CV would not appear in a dropdown list of existing CVs immediately.
22 Fixed a bug where InSite Admin is unable to change an InSite user’s password.
23 Fixed a bug where added an InSite User did not update the User count listed at the bottom left of the screen.
24 Fixed bug where some fields in an Export file were rendering as either empty or filled with [objectObject], even though the data would render correctly in either the data tables or in the CV report screen.
25 Fixed a bug where CVs generated from the Copy & Paste function contained an empty _id field.
26 Fixed a bug where Approver settings could not be saved under certain circumstances.
27 Fixed a bug where Filtering in boolean fields (such as Enabled) was not working correctly.
28 Fixed a bug where Profile email field was displayed correctly in the data table, but as [objectObject] in the export file.
29 Fixed a bug where Profile family name and given name fields were displayed correctly in the data table, but as [objectObject] in the export file.
30 Fixed a bug where two aggregation pipelines could attempt to output to the same CV collection when the same custom view regeneration is requested within a short period of time, causing both CV regenerations to fail.
31 Fixed a bug where the established field order in the Presentation Stage of a CV would be lost when a CV was re-edited.
32 Fixed a bug where attempting to sort on a column that has been moved would fail to sort.
33 Fixed a bug where removing a Limit Stage in a Custom View does not change the CV on Regeneration.
34 Fixed a bug where creating a CSV export from a CV results screen fails to generate the CSV file.
35 Fixed a bug where filtering on the Content>Videos screens field Status was not working properly.
36 Fixed a bug where a CV showing Uploaded File Sizes and Number of Versions couldn’t be created.
37 Fixed a bug in Places where setting the filter to “Is not blank” was not working.
38 Fixed a bug where filtering on the Parent Place in the Content screen does not work when “Is blank” is selected.
39 Fixed a bug where filtering on the Status field in the Content screen did not work.
40 Fixed a bug where Custom View GroupBy Stage did not render the grouping field properly.
41 Fixed a bug where the record count at the bottom of data-tables or CV reports did not properly report the actual number of records in the table or the report.
42 Fixed a bug where “Likes” were not retrieved or displayed properly.
43 Fixed a bug where Content data exported with the Author field incorrectly displayed data from that field. Author field is either displayed as an empty cell or as ‘[objectObject]’.
44 Fixed bug where the CV Preview would not generate correctly.
45 Fixed a bug where the set order of fields in a Custom View (CV) is not held when the CV is edited and saved.
Issue Number Functionality Enhancements
1 We have created a CV that much more closely mimics the capabilities of the larger DES data set, utilizing conditional Joins.
2 Updated our infrastructure to upgrade from software-based disk encryption (for Encryption At Rest) to hardware-based disk encryption witch has much better performance.
3 Implemented architecture change requiring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to log into any production system. Required for specific contracts
4 We have added the Place type_ID field in Places which is a concatenation of Jive Place ID and Place_Type to create a unique identifier of a Place across the entire Jive site.
5 Relocated the Direct Message (DM) data table screen to be under Data>Content>Direct Messages.
6 Added the ability to pull Jive Events records into InSite. Go to Data>Content>Events to view.
7 We now pull and surface data for Jive Security Groups in InSite. Go to Data>Jive Security Groups to view.
8 Updated the encryption algorithm we use to store the Jive credentials for campaigns.
9 Added the ability to display Jive Security Groups in InSite.
10 Added a “Reset Password” link to the InSite login screen.
11 Added the ability to pull Jive Permission Groups into InSite.
12 Improved the way the web.userAgent data is represented in DES. Now this data parses into the device type, browser name, application name, browser version #, device, and OS version # suitable for reporting via data screens and Custom Views.
13 Added a new menu pick under Data>Content for separately displaying Ideas as a Content type.
14 Added the ability to view the list of Followers for Users, Places, and Content. Added the ability to view the list of Following for Users (hover the cursor over the table cell to see the full list).
15 Added the ability to specify negative numbers in CVs and data screen filters.
16 Added an informational warning regarding GDPR on the Export screen.
17 Added a Cookie pop-up warning to InSite to comply with GDPR regulations.
18 Created a Disaster Recovery Rehearsal report following the conclusion of our Annual Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity rehearsal exercise in June of 2018.
19 We improved the algorithm we use to pull DES data when Jive DES servers start returning undocumented errors or time out.
20 Changed the fields we store associated with Followers to keep the amount of data we store to a minimum. We now store only the following fields: id, jive.level, username, jive.enabled, name, addresses, thumbnailUrl, followerCount, followingCount
21 We have updated and expanded the InSite APIs we use internally.
22 We have changed the way logos are updated separately from our new releases.
23 We have changed the location of where we store your corporate logo to display on the InSite login page.
24 While we can now display the Content itself in our data-tables, we also removed the Content from older versions than the current one before storing the record in the database.
25 Added the ability to display actual Content (as opposed to metadata) in a pop-up on roll-over in our Content data-tables. Jive content is displayed. Non-Jive data such as videos and Word or Excel with those Content records is not displayed. To access, ensure the Content field is displayed on the Content data-table you are viewing. Move your cursor over the Content field until it turns into a “+” sign. Click then and a pop-up will appear with the actual Content displayed.
26 Added new filters for Places. Now includes “Carousel” and “User” Place types in addition to the existing options “Space”, “Sub-Space”, “Group”, “Blog”, and “Project”.
27 Changed the way InSite indexes are synchronized on server restart.
28 Changed the way DES data is reparsed following a data pull.
29 We improved the way we pull the DES data to make it more efficient, faster, and expose more data – such as web.userAgent.

v 0.8.7 – Released 3/15/2018

Fixed a bug where the Inactivity Timeout would not behave properly depending on the settings for the parameter.

v 0.8.6 – Released 1/28/2018

Back-end system and performance improvements.

v 0.8.5 – Released 1/04/2018

  • Implemented better linking between Jive REST API data and DES data (via type_id field)
  • Implemented better data quality algorithms cross-checking DES data and REST API data
  • Implemented gap filler algorithm for invites, users and places
  • Fixed bug where list of content followers was not being recorded properly.
  • Implemented better workaround for Tableau data export SDK library crashes (Tableau barely supports this library and never released the final version, so we have to jump through some hoops to make it work properly)
  • Improved data reparsing algorithm for all REST data. Old algorithm was causing data exports to contain empty cells for several hours until the reparsing is completed. The new algorithm will reduce this time to minutes in most cases.
  • Implemented workarounds for several Jive Rest API bugs:
    • Jive REST API some endpoints delaying actual data updates
    • Jive REST API not counting some updates as updates (but still recorded as updates in DES)
    • Jive DES Returning incorrect (“success”) code and incorrect message format upon certain valid requests when Jive failed to return the data
    • Jive REST API never returning updates for users that were either deleted or deactivated (the event of deletion or deactivation is not reflected in REST API at all)
    • Jive API servers sudden death when REST API is being called
    • Problem when Jive API server suddenly stops recognizing user credentials when they are used to send large quantities of DMs (It starts recognizing the same credentials some unpredictable time later).
    • Jive REST API server return of undocumented status codes for some artifacts.
    • Jive uses undocumented strategy to allocate and sometimes recycle Content IDs – which are supposed to be unique.
    • Other discrepancies between Jive documentation and how things actually work
  • Added Web.UserAgent field to data pull (Note: Note yet surfaced in InSite screens but available in CVs. We will add more meaningful statistics associated with the types of applications users use to access Jive in InSite 0.8.6)
  • New data pull algorithms now add and record more types of Jive artifacts in InSite. This will cause all numbers on your dashboards to go up significantly since we’re now recording such records as extStreamActivity, invited users and more. Please user filters in the data view to exclude these additional records where necessary
  • Fixed bug where last Content Pull date was not being updated on System>Settings>Configure Data Pull.
  • Improved Settings->Configure Data Pull page. Now you can see status of the last pull, if it was successful, if it’s currently running etc. Please note that some status messages are normal. For instance it’s ok for Content, Users, Invites, Places pulls to fail with error. This happens frequently as Jive REST Servers are frequently not working properly. We will still retrieve all data not returned by standard Jive REST API using other approaches (we’re currently using 5 different algorithms and end points to retrieve the data)

v 0.8.4 – Released 12/03/2017

  • Moved Release Notes to 411Labs corporate website – where you are reading them – right now.
  • Fixed major issue with missing Content.  All your Jive Content should now be visible in InSite.
  • Separated database and webserver functions to improve security and performance.
  • Added password construction settings in new Security page in the InSite Admin Console:
    • Require any or all of the following to be used InSite passwords: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, special character.
    • Require that the password not be the same as the login ID.
    • Selections for minimum password complexity.
    • Establish and specify a minimum password length.
  • Added additional security parameters in the Security page:
    • Force automatic user logout of InSite after a specified period of inactivity – in minutes (NOTE: only takes effect after you login again after changing the setting)
    • Impose user account lockout after a specified number of failed attempts to login (NOTE: Only the InSite Admin can change password of a locked-out user and re-enable the locked-out account)
    • Email automatically sent to the InSite security administrator when a user is locked out due to high number of failed login attempts.
  • Fixed bug related to rendering complex Types in table views. They look much better now.
  • Added ability to quickly copy Custom Views (Copy/Paste CV button in the CV editor) between InSite instances.
  • Renamed date range filter field labels from “After” and “Before” to “From” and “To” in order to better clarify their meaning.
  • Added ability to use constructors in Custom Views (for instance “$ISODate(1970-01-01)”)
  • Fixed .TDE export.  Export itself no longer throws an error, and TDE file itself is no longer empty.
  • Fixed bug preventing Campaign Logs window from working properly.
  • Improved other various visual UI imperfections and squashed minor bugs.
  • 411Labs logo in upper right now brings you to our corporate website at

v0.8.3 – Released 05/23/2017

  • Fixed bug when CV stage rearranging sometimes was glitching and dragging link rather than stage itself
  • Fixed bug leading to modal windows closing immediately when clicking outside of the modal window ABOVE or BELOW it
  • Fixed bug when accumulator_operations were not listed in CVs options
  • Fixed bug not handling properly group accumulators referring to variables
  • Improved CV drag and drop visual representation with placeholder
  • Fixed bug with list of DES type options not being displayed displayed until the field is re-selected
  • Improved CV builder errors reporting (now reports more errors from the parser)
  • Tested and fixed where necessary all quick filter as well as problem with filtering collections when one of the fields in the filter has Any in the operator but still has some value in the filter input
  • Improved DES pull reliability
  • Fixed problem with pulling list of users’ followers
  • Fixed bug displaying extra empty fields in “Create new dynamic user set” dialog called from datatables
  • Added support for creating Custom Views from existing Custom Views
  • Added additional datasets to the list of Custom View data sources
  • Added ability to customize how data is presented in the custom view, including
    • Reordering the columns (use drag and drop within “Custom View Presentation” section)
    • Giving new titles to the columns
    • Selecting ways how the data should be rendered
    • Selecting what filters could be applied to a Custom View column
    • Improved the data preview presentation
    • Implemented algorithm figuring out the default values for the presentation
    • Custom View preview takes the presentation adjustments into consideration immediately
  • Disabling and enabling stages now recalculates the preview (and the presentation configuration)
  • Fixed problem with deleted records still being presented in some views
  • Added ability to create custom view from any view by clicking “Create Custom View From This Data” button
  • Data exports got more meaningful names in this version, they include the name of the data set and human-readable export date
  • Fixed data export bug preventing data from being exported under certain circumstances
  • Custom View can now be created from other custom views by pressing “Create Custom View” button in the data view. This will preserve the filters, sorting and column visibility of what you are seeing in the data view
  • Places view now includes “Updated” column by default. Places are sorted by this column by default
  • Fixed bug when modal dialogs under certain circumstances close immediately without saving when user clicks outside of the dialog.
  • Fixed CV preview bug showing cryptic dialog when some fields are empty after joins
  • Fixed bug showing deleted records if user was using quick filter in combination with regular filter

v0.8.2 – Released

  • Added ability to disable certain stages in CV editor (check the checkbox in the stage header next to Delete button)
  • Added ability to rearrange stages in CVs (click on the stage header to collapse/expand it, drag it to rearrange stages)
  • Improved interface for displaying error messages in the CV editor (see the bottom of the dialog)
  • Updated default sorting order in all views
  • Fixed problem when under certain circumstances CV is saved correctly, but attempts to generate it fail with “duplicate index” error message. Please note that starting from 0.8.2 field called _id will be removed from the final output and replaced with system-generated value. If you need data from this field please add another Select stage in the end of the CV and extract/rename necessary values from _id. Even though preview will contain these values in the _id field they will not be present in the generated view.
  • Fix problem with deleting user and related user authentication issues (not implemented soft delete)
  • Minor code refactoring and improved security (addressed additional non-critical types of attack)

v0.8.1 – Released 02/10/2017

  • Fixed cloning custom views
  • Improved DES pull algorithm to workaround some Jive glitches
  • Fixed deleting cusotm views
  • Fixed custom views based on datasets other that Jive Users
  • Added 5-row datatable option for smaller screens
  • Added author to data exports
  • Implemented data export for custom views
  • Fixed custom view filtering for actor ID and author ID
  • Overhauled DES data view, a lot of small changes
  • Fixed explanation for > in range selection (it actually works as greater or equal
  • Added date range filtering for DES view
  • jive pull in the settings menu now pulls only delta, not all of data
  • Added “Recalculate” button for custom views to trigger immediate recalculate
  • Added support for relative dates in custom views, for isntance “1 week ago” or “1 month from now”
  • Fixed bugs preventing campaigns from running
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements

v0.8.0 – Released 01/16/2017

  • Fixed bug that made contents keep multiple records about the save document version
  • Fixed reporting bugs from the Help menu via ServiceDesk
  • Fixed bug leading to inability to run CSV export for users if manager’s email is included in the export list and manager field is not
  • Implemented Data Exports view
  • When data export is ready emails is sent to the user ordered the data exprt (please make sure your email is correct in the user seetings)
  • Disabled “Send Email to Support” feature, now all bug reports go through the Service Desk
  • Added Full DES pull with new advanced data pull algorithm
  • Added DES view to available data sources
  • Added Join operation to Custom Views
  • Added Sample operation to Custom Views
  • Added Unwind operation to the Custom Views
  • Improved Custom Views now released to all clients
  • Custom View generation is now done as a background job to support large datasets
  • Custom Views now have the same filtering, sorting and exporting features as all other datasets
  • Improved Custom View preview
  • Custom View pipeline headers now display biref description of the stage when collapsed
  • Added support for Tableau .TDE export
  • Major code refactoring and system utilities improvement

v0.7.21 – Released

  • Fixed bug related to incorrect Jive Invites data pull under certain circumstances
  • After purging the cache the page is now forced to reload to make sure updated data is displayed immediately after cache purging
  • New bug reporting tool embedded into the main menu
  • Improved data pull (added workaround for situation when Jive server hangs ont he connection forever)
  • The login button had been made default as well as the latest login attempts window “Close” button. Now you can login by entering login and password and hitting Enter button twice
  • Improved the search/filtering functionality. The new algorithm supports searching in complex data types
  • Fixed bug with updating dynamic user set counters, now being recalculated properly after data pull
  • Improved account provisioning procedure
  • Number of affected users is now shown on the campaigns list page
  • Fixed incorrect font type in error messages
  • New approach to unavailable actions in the lists of templates, campaigns etc. Now instead of hiding the unavailable actions disabled icon is displayed. Hover over the icon to see explanation why the action is not available.
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect source IP recording for the last login attempts under certain circumstances
  • Improved system administration
  • The last but by far no least: User roles and permissions are now supported. See Insite documentation for the complete list of permissions and roles. User roles can be selected in the user editing interface. Unavailable activities are now hidden from the users.
  • Fixed several bugs related to data pull
  • Added view for user roles and permissions

v0.7.20 – Released 05/11/2016

  • New Settings menu to declutter all new options.  System>Settings is now a flyout menu.  Much cleaner.
  • Now data pull components can be turned on and off individually (Settings > Data Pull).
  • Updated interface, clarified that if no other Approver is selected, the language in the Create new Campaign dialogue specifies that the InSiteAPIUser that is used to pull data will be the default Approver.
  • Clarified the counters in the mini-views on the dashboard (top-right corner on the dashboard page).  Hover over the titles of the the mini-graphs until you get the question mark and hover text will give you an explanation of what that mini-graph is displaying.
  • Background job daemon now re-reads settings on every background job. It was also refactored for added reliability.
  • Added support for Jive OAuth credentials.  This is where you will enter the ClientID and Client Secret from Jive>Add-ons to allow Jive Data Export Service (DES) data to be pulled into InSite. Instructions in System>Settings>Jive.
  • Implemented basic Jive Data Export Service (DES) pull. Now Users view has “Last Login” column.
  • Implemented documents+images versions pull. Now corresponding views have version counters.
  • Added warnings that the pull background job will start immediately if the start date was scheduled to be in the past.
  • Added “Primary Email” field to the User’s view. The old “All emails” field is still there, just hidden by default.

v0.7.19 – Released 04/15/2016

  • Migrated the system to Docker. Docker installations provide better security and system portability, enable on-prem installation of InSite (coming soon)
  • Upgraded all system major components
  • Migrated InSite to the new custom-built server hosted with a new provider
  • Added support for Manager’s Email field in the Jive Users table view
  • Improved campaign reliability
  • Pagination in large tables now allows up to 1000 rows on one page (do not use this option on slow, overloaded or computers with less than 8 GB or RAM)
  • By default deactivated users are hidden in the user base chart in the dashboard
  • Improved handling of slow queries, now shows “Loading/Processing” windows and messages
  • Fixed issues with data export (CSV/JSON)


  • Improved contents filtering and sorting performance
  • Fixed issue with certain content types not being filtered correctly
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect cache cleanup behavior


  • Fixed the issues with the campaigns stuck in “Starting” state
  • Fixed issue with certain large pages of data (100 records with complex search and filtering)
  • Provided additional campaign logging


  • Fixed CSV export
  • Fixed Insite Users view
  • Enforced Arial in email messages by default
  • Removed html spacial character   from the subject
  • Improved campaigns reliability
  • Added approver to the template placeholders
  • Changed color of the standard table header
  • The long-loading data is now being preloaded during the deployment process


  • Fixed bug with Jive pull stopping randomly
  • Maintenance screen is now being displayed during maintenance operations
  • Fixed bug related to preview count not being updated correctly in the dynamic user groups under certain circumstances
  • Updated theme to save more space, be more consistent. The links from the old “orange” bar are now in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed problem with the interface on narrow screens (smartphones and similar)
  • Added the active users statistics to the dashboard (see top-right corner)
  • Fixed bug incorrectly displaying changes in the user and content dynamics on the dashboard (top-right corner)
  • Extended the userbase and content statistics in dashboard to cover 12 months (top-right corner)
  • Updated deployment process so it won’t stop the background jobs
  • Added approver field to the Direct Message template
  • Old system logs are now archived during deployment
  • Emails and DMs in campaigns are now sent 10 at once instead of one-by-one (this will become configurable parameter in the future releases)
  • Extended system loggin
  • Added campaigns logs (available from the Action column in the campaigns view)
  • Added stage environment and overhauled the whole release process to minimize the number of bugs in the system
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect information about the last user logins
  • Fixed support for boolean field value “Any” in the dynamic user groups builder
  • Added Disapproval reason to the campaigns list
  • Campaigns are now sorted by update date by default


  • System modules upgrade
  • Fixed missing icon for templates editing (other editable views too)
  • Improved approach to Jive data pulling: performance and reliability
  • Improved client-side performance


  • Added safegarding when Jive Server returns too many errors
  • Data pull is now compatible with Jive 8
  • Improved activity logging system
  • Fixed problems with during server reboots
  • Added Loading progress message to charts and datatables
  • Implemented maintenance mode
  • Fixed wrong line spacing in Settings/CA Tempaltes
  • Fixed iOS icons, favicons
  • Fixed displaying tables in iOS
  • Fixed problem with pulling votes from Jive
  • Optimized content pull (pulling only new content using Jive REST API 3.10)
  • Fixed support for Jive pull for multiple clients
  • Optimized database performance
  • Dynamic User Set count and preview is now available both in the user set editing dialog (via a button in the bottom-left corner of the dialog) and the datasets list (click on the member count cell)


  • fixed bug: In email campaigns emails are being sent to the first email address in the list, not primary
  • Updated presentation of complex fields in .CSV export
  • Removed extra empty line in .CSV export for array-like fields
  • Reduced the default number of records in the datatable from 25 to 10 to make interface more responsive on computers with less than 8GB of RAM


  • Fixed Email “From:” bug that was sending all emails to spam mailboxes
  • Updated user documentation


  • Fixed CSV export (now exports all records)
  • Added JSON export
  • Removed clipboard export, print and PDF export (insecure, uses Flash technology)
  • Fixed huge checkboxes under Firefox in Settings
  • Fixed bug: After filter applied, adding new columns was not pulling content for the new columns
  • Fixed performance glitch: Server was always returning all columns, not just the visible ones
  • Renamed Template to Template Body in various places in the interface
  • Linked users’ emails to “mailto:”, so clicking these links now bring up the mail client
  • Fixed Owner filter in Places view


  • Fixed bug: Related to campaigns in “error” state not restarting
  • Improved login logging
  • Fixed bug: Related to campaign not starting under certain circumstances
  • Migrated system to dedicated server
  • Reconfigured firewall to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Reconfigured firewall to clearly explain that the user IP is not in the whitelist
  • Fixed bug: Related to rendering inactive users on initial page load
  • Fixed bug: Preventing cache from being cleared
  • Removed the fixed first column functionality for now – the 3rd party code was too buggy
  • Added functionality prepopulating new Dynamic User Sets with Active=TRUE filter
  • Fixed bug: System was not copying date rage from Jive User view into new Dynamic User Set filter
  • Linked Jive Users, Content and Places to their Jive URLs (click on the name in corresponding views)


  • Fixed “Is Blank” string filter
  • Renamed CM to CA for Campaign Approver in the campaigns table (“State” field)
  • Updated help file
  • Change word wrapping rules in cells (not long sentences only break on word boundary)
  • Added cell hint to “Profile” cell in user view
  • Improved filter functionality in complex fields, like “Profile” or “Email” in user view.
  • Fixed bug with “Any” string filter when specifying a value was filtering out everything


  • System-level improvements
  • Fix bug related to Aampaign Approval and Starting process
  • Fixed link in the Approval default Template
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect filtering by date
  • Improved reliability of the Campaign Approval process
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect text rendering for completed campaigns on the approval page


  • Added frozen leftmost column in the table
  • Added “NOT” versions of string operations (all others already have them)
  • Fixed bug: Users view was not filtered by active state
  • Fixed bug: List filters were not working for some clients
  • Added “Equals” to string filter


  • Removed gradient from the top orange bar
  • Renamed “Published” to “Created” in all (not just published) views
  • Added options to send email or DM to the Campaign Approver
  • Added email settings test button


  • Added System->Last Resorts->Full Data Pull functionality to completely refresh the database with data from Jive (by default the system uses an incremental pull)
  • Implement two versions of pull: Quick and Full
  • Removed remaining references to external website (google fonts)
  • Fixed bug preventing creation of Dynamic User Set with Manager field under certain circumstances
  • Added support for email servers that do not require authentication
  • Implement restart of worker: Now starts on every redeploy, so it always runs the freshest code
  • Fixed bug: Template name and user set names were not properly displayed in the Campaign view
  • Renamed “Published” to “Created” in all views


  • Fixed bug not allowing proper filtering for some date columns
  • Fixed bug related to not showing edit icon in Jive User table
  • Fixed minor typo in the menu
  • Reorganized the Campaign Approver template variables
  • Fixed “Account Deactivated” avatar
  • Fixed system log column widths
  • Made only active/enabled Jive users displayed by default
  • Added new category “Deactivated” to the userbase growth stats


  • Fixed bug #38 (Dynamic User Set creation not working)
  • Fixed problem with pulling Managers from the server
  • Added update:jive:all task with the same implementation as the UI


  • Changed terminology (CM->Campaign Approver)
  • Implemented Soft Delete for all system tables
  • Now allows cloning and deleting for everything. Editing is now prohibited only for templates already used in a Campaign
  • Fixed bug with incorrect header placement in tables under FireFox


  • Added Release History document(linked in the main menu and in the top-left corner of the header)
  • Added support for approving DM and Invite campaigns by a Community Manager (Select Send From in the Campaign editing popup)
  • Added support for custom Templates for the CM Approval request emails (System->Settings menu)
  • Added Data ->All Content view
  • Added System->System Log menu. Currently only includes login/logout events, will be expanded later
  • Fixed bug: Was not displaying Author in Templates and other system artifacts
  • Fixed bug: Filters were as not working in non-cached tables
  • Added better formatting for Jive User Profile fields
  • Fixed Jive User Profiles not being displayed in the view
  • Added support for server-side ordering of complex fields
  • Disabled caching in system artifacts (Templates, User Sets etc)
  • Added System->Clear Cache menu. In theory it should never be used, but in case there are stale objects in the table views – there is now a final resort
  • Fixed bug where two conditions in a table filtering were not working properly


  • First public release
  • Added Redis cache for various purposes
  • Added DB queries caching in Redis
  • Reimplemented Management Reports->Management to support large management trees (more than 4000 managers)
  • Added Help main menu including system User’s Guide
  • Added possibility to submit bug reports from the system using Help->Report Bug menu (uses external email program for reliability
  • Added support for Community Manager flag in Jive Users
  • Fixed bug in rich text editor displaying wrong icons in the toolbars
  • Improved naming of the Content tables (now includes content type)
  • Added settings caching
  • Improved performance for Jive User page loading (from more than 8 sec to less than 2sec)
  • Improved deployment process for multiple clients
  • Fixed bugs in System Users interface
  • Improved system performance to support 100,000+ Jive users and other artifacts in the database