Our Products

411Labs develops unique data solutions tailored for the enterprise social collaboration space, allowing enterprises to measure activity and engagement and automate many routine tasks for them.

Our products allow community managers and HR to access regular analytics they cannot easily get from out-of-the-box dashboards and reports, combine data across multiple data sources, and act upon the data – allowing them to concentrate on growing the activity and engagement within their communities.


411Labs Sherpa

Forllowing the overwhelming success of our first product, in 2023 411Labs released its the second generation code named Sherpa. Sherpa was rewritten and refactored from the ground up and offers a ton of new features, including

  • The ability to connect to multiple social collaboration platforms as well as other external data sources augmenting your collaboration data at the same time
  • The ability to create custom dashboards using Sherpa’s powerful WYSIWYG interface, or choose to customize one of our prebuilt dashboards
  • Dozens of widgets available to visualize your data and the ability to link them to each other to empower your story-telling, bringing your now actionable data to life with realtime data
  • The ability to apply multiple data processing methodologies and tools, including Javascript or Python scripting, data processing pipeline, and AI/ML algorithms for your data analysis.
  • Additional levels of customizable security, including SAML and 2FA
  • And more. Lots more.

Sherpa Highlights

Let’s take a look at some of Sherpa’s features and capabilities, together. The list of features keeps growing every week with new platforms supported, new AI algorithms implemented, and new visualizations added. Please contact us below for more details, or to schedule an online demo.

* all data presented on the sample dashboards was synthetically generated by Sherpa. Most of the data was then injected by Sherpa into the target platform and then downloaded back into Sherpa, just like it would happen in a real-life scenatio.

Connecting to Multiple Platforms

Sherpa can connect to multiple APIs of the same platform, APIs across multiple platforms (Jive, LumApps, Verint, Teams, Outlook, and we are adding more weekly) or your own data sources like enterprise databases, enterprise APIs, static files, and more. All this data can be then seamlessly combined and presented on the same dashboard, even in the same widget. Let’s take a look at this example dashboard:

  • This dashboard provides an at-a-glance view about the sizes of different enterprise social collaboration platforms it is connected to, in this case it’s LumApps, Microsoft Teams, Jive, Verint, Slack, and Google Analytics.
  • The next block shows how many times Jive and LumApps were referenced in Slack messages. Just like many others, this segment is interactive, so clicking on a pie chart segment will filter the data grid to show only the records related to the selected segment.
  • The last segment shows the user base growth across those same platforms so that you can quickly compare the user dynamics in all your collaborative networks.
  • This example dashboard demonstrates some of Sherpa’s abilities but may not necessarily fit your exact needs. To provide you with the analytics that are specific to and of value to your unique enterprise, 411Labs offers analytics development services that will supply you with reports, widgets, and dashboards tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Sentiment Analysis

How do you monitor negative sentiment and resolve potential conflicts in your enterprise collaboration community?

With 411Labs Sherpa, analyzing millions of content records from support forums, communities, instant messages, and emails, is an easy task. This video demonstrates how Sherpa’s advanced AI capabilities provide precise sentiment analysis across all content available from platforms used in your enterprise.

Advanced Analytics

LumApps is a popular social collaboration platform supported by Sherpa. Thanks to Sherpa’s capabilities in accessing and combining multiple LumApps APIs, Sherpa can provide insights into your community not available from the stock LumApps analytics.

For example, this dashboard provides the following information about a LumApps community:

  • What users are following which communities. This will help you to identify the most active and popular communities.
  • Sentiment analysis, classifying all posts into Positive and Negative categories (other categories are available). For example, you can easily identify content with a negative impact – where you may want to ask the author to restate, or a positive one that is quite popular – that you would like to post more content that is similar in the future.
  • Content visibility timeframes. One of LumApps’ strengths is the ability to surface content only to specific segments of your community. This is helpful for ensuring that certain audiences will see content relevant to their role within the organization.  In addition, content scheduling is a great tool for content management and upkeep. This part of the dashboard allows you to quickly identify what content will be published when, and when it will sunset, visualizing it’s popularity between those dates.
  • The final segment on this dashboard allows you to identify the groups with the most content visibility, as well as identify what specific content is visible only to a specific group.
  • Just like the previous dashboard, all these segments are interactive and allow you to quick filter between widgets in the same segment, and are easily customizable – by your team or ours.

More Ways to Visualize the Data

In addition to all classic pie, line, and bar charts, Sherpa offers many more ways to visualize your data. Currently we offer 28 different types of visualizations and this list is constantly growing.

As an example, on this dashboard you can see:

  • A funnel chart showing multiple categories of users segmented based on their activity, for example the users who followed at least something or users who authored more than 5 pieces of content
  • A 3D visualization of how users follow other users in your community (social network analysis). These 3D models are extremely helpful for visualizing very complex associations and allow for incorporating multidimensional information about both the nodes (users in this case and the links between them). This visualization is also available in VR and AR versions allowing users to navigate through them by simply walking or flying within their data
  • A 3D Bar Chart showing the most popular posts in each community based on Likes. In this visualization you can instantly identify the most active communities and compare them based on the post’s activity.
  • The last part of the dashboard is a sankey diagram showing the user’s content following, a unique feature of LumApps, where the users can subscribe to a type of content combined with its metadata.

Platform Migration and Synchronization

Sherpa is capable of using all types of APIs, not just the ones used for pulling data, but also the ones that can push data into the platforms. On this screenshotsyou can see, the same post published in a LumApps community on the left and in a Jive community on the right. Actually, this article was posted only once – in the Jive Community and it got to LumApps by way of our automated data processing capabilities.

The whole process looked like this:

  • Sherpa downloaded Jive’s content, including this post
  • It translated the post from Jive’s HTML into LumApps markdown. So an automated translation was put in place.
  • The processed post was then pushed into a LumApps community called “Jive Content Copy”. It was also marked in Sherpa as pushed to LumApps, in order to avoid pushing it more than once

There are a few aspects of this process worth highlighting:

  • Not all migrations are this straightforward. For example, in some cases the content needs to be pushed, then read back, the links between the content pieces updated and then the updated version pushed back. Sherpa can automate this as well.
  • Not all customers can utilize the template migration. Many need customizations to be done, for example dropping unpopular content or remapping content to other users. Sherpa can also automate this, more customized migration.
  • The entire process is fully automated and as such is repeatable on a regular cadence – daily or weekly, for example. Sherpa has a built-in scheduler that would allow you to make the content moving process continuous – and completely automated. This has two advantages:
    • You don’t need to do a migration all at once. You can keep both communities running for an extended period of time having them synchronized via Sherpa. This greatly reduces the migration stress and ensures that no content will be lost
    • In some cases, customers do not want to migrate from one platform to another and prefer, or have to – keep both. In this case Sherpa can act as a continuous synchronization link between the communities mirroring all or some content
  • The content injected into Jive in this example, actually, doesn’t have to come from another platform, it could be uploaded to Sherpa in a file. In this case, Sherpa can publish this content to multiple platforms at once – again, automatically.

Finally, Sherpa’s analytical capabilities will always keep you informed about user activity on both platforms so that you can detect when your users are more comfortable with the new platform and you can sunset the old one

411Labs InSite gen1

411Labs InSite gen1 was our first product that was used by multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 1000 companies using the jive social collaboration platform.  It provided our clients with the ability to automate many day-to-day Community Management tasks, analyze activity and communicate with the community users horizontally across their Jive Site instance. When it was first released in 2016, this was the only tool offering such comprehensive capabilities to the Jive community manager. It had its drawbacks though, being limited exclusively to Jive as the social collaboration platform and offering limited data processing and visualization capabilities.

We’re still offering 411Labs Insite gen1 to the clients working exclusively with Jive. Please contact us for for additional information.