We’re here for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, email us, or use the contact form below. We also listed some answers to popular questions down below.


1What enterprise collaboration solution dos InSite support?

Currently we support Microsoft Teams, Jive, Slack and Verint out of the box. We keep adding other platforms as we go and this list keeps growing, so contact us to check if your platform is supported too.

2I'm using XYZ and it doesn't seem like you support it yet. How long does it take to add support for my enterprise social collaboration service?

We have a very sophisticated and flexible framework for adding new platforms. It typically only takes about 1-2 weeks to add a new platform, if it has a robust and reliable API.

3I understand that InSite can combine data from multiple platforms. But can it combine it with the data in my database? What if I have a file I want to use for data analysis?

Besides connections to popular enterprise social collaboration platforms, InSite can also use data from databases such as Oracle or MongoDB (more are coming), can grab data from the Internet using either an API or just static files, can use your local files as the source of data. All data from all these sources can then be processed using our powerful Custom Views engine and then presented in the dashboards, reports, exports and also acted upon. 

4I have this awesome dashboard built in InSite about our company growth. Can I publish it on our Intranet website?

Yes, you can! You have two options:

  1. You can export the dashboard as a static file and then put that file on your website as a static image (yes, you can use it in your annual report too)
  2. You can embed the whole dashboard on your website to let everyone see your achievements. You would need to configure the security and explicitly release the data, but besides that, embedding the whole dashboard or just some widgets from it is a trivial process.
5Is InSite Secure?

InSite was designed and built with security in mind from day zero. It has an extensive system of roles and permissions and multiple layers of security checks. When we host your InSite instance, we run pentests continually and keep it behind multiple layers of system firewalls of different types (including WAFs). The development process includes the code audit and reviews. These are just some basic measures we're taking, but we're always ready to discuss the details with your security team to give you the  peace of mind.

6Where InSite is hosted?

We offer multiple options for hosting. We can run it on our servers located in a secure datacenter in Norther Virginia, USA. We can run it in virtually any cloud environment such as AWS or Azure. Finally, we offer an option to run in on your servers. Call us to discuss the options and the details.

7How much does InSite cost?

We wish we can put a single pricing system on top of all InSite features, but here the problem: all our clients are dramatically different and all of them require an individual approach to estimate how much processing power, storage, and support, among other things,  it would require to serve them best. For this reason we need to discuss your needs with you before coming with a price tag. We we promise, even though we're a monopoly in the kind of services we offer, that our pricing is very reasonable. Our promise is that we will bring a lot more value to you than you spend on InSite.

Partnership Program

1How is the 411 Labs InSite Partnership Program organized?

Our Partnership Program is divided into two paths, per lead; the Referral Program and the Resale Program. The FAQs below provide more details about each program.

2Do I have to choose the Referral Program or the Resale Program? Can I do both?

You select the program at the lead level. So you may choose to run your first lead through the Referral Program and your second lead through the resale program, and then because of staffing concerns run a later lead through the referral program again.

3How do I get more information about becoming a 411 Labs partner?

Complete the partner information form below, or send an email to

4How do I become a 411 Labs partner?

Once you are selected to be a 411 Labs partner, complete and sign the 411 Labs Partnership Agreement.

5How do I register a new lead?

Click on the “Register a new Lead” on the left of this page. Complete the form (including your choice about this lead being logged as a referral or resale lead, and hit Submit. That’s all there is to it.

6How can I become an411 Labs partner?

Our main criteria for partners is experience with Jive, current clients of yours who are Jive installs, or your involvement in active Jive sales processes.

7When are commissions earned?

Commissions are earned when the prospect has paid their annual subscription fee.