General Questions

1If I find a bug, how do I report it?
If you discover a bug in InSite you can report it one of two ways: 1. In the InSite app itself, go to the Help menu - then click the Report Bug item. This will start an email to our support group using the email program designated for your device. 2. Use the Support button at the bottom right of this web site to open a new support case. Complete the form and then click Send. We will respond to your case and ask additional questions via the email address you provide.
2What if I just have a question about functionality that doesn't seem to be covered by the documentation?
Please use one of the Report a Bug functions discussed in the question above - just change the Subject or the How can we help you? sections to "General Question".
3I have an idea for some new InSite functionality that I think would be very useful. Where do I log that?
Please use one of the Report a Bug functions discussed in the question above - just change the Subject or the How can we help you? sections to "New feature or functionality enhancement request".
4I want to arrange some online training for me and my team. How can I arrange that?
We provide each new InSite customer with up to three separate one hour training sessions. Please send an email to with the subject "Scheduling online training".
5Can I support multiple Jive sites with one InSite instance?
Not at this time. Please let us know if this functionality is important to you.

Campaign Questions

1Are there any important differences between an Email-Only and a DM Campaign?
Besides the fact that an Email-Only template uses your corporate email to send the campaign communications, there is one very important difference. Email-Only Campaigns do not have an "Approver/Sender". Email-Only Campaigns are always sent via the email you set up in the Email section of System/Settings.
2Are there any settings in Jive that I need to adjust in order for DM Campaigns to work properly?
Yes, in order for DM Campaigns to work properly, either you must have "Require user connection" left unchecked in the Jive Admin Console under System/Settings/Direct Messages and Sharing, or The Approver/Sender must be part of a User Permission Group or a User Override under Permissions/Other Content Permissions that has DM/Sharing user override checked.
3Can I use a Dynamic User Set for both Email-Only and DM Campaigns?
Yes. One of the strengths of InSite is the ability to reuse User Sets, Templates and even Campaigns.

Template Questions

1Does InSite use the same TinyMCE HTML editor that Jive uses?
No. InSite uses another open source HTML WYSIWYG editor called CKEditor. CKEditor has a lighter footprint and we believe it produces better HTML.
2There is a field that you do not surface in the Templates. How can I get it added?
We are adding new merge fields all the time. The best way to get a field added is to either click on the Support link at the bottom of this page or, within InSite - go to the Help menu, then click on "Report a Bug". If the field is exposed via the Jive ReST APIs, we should be able to add it quickly - usually within a couple of days. In the future we should be able to add fields from other data streams, such as the Jive Data Export Service, or calculated fields.